JoyTunes is passionate about all things music. Our mission is to enable anyone to learn and play an instrument of their choice. We have the musical background, technical know-how and the drive to ensure that anyone, anywhere, can learn any instrument. JoyTunes was established in 2011 by CEO and Co-Founder Yuval Kaminka along with CTO Roey Izkovsky and Musical Director Yigal Kaminka. JoyTunes apps have been downloaded by more than 5 million users and 1 million songs are played each week. JoyTunes award-winning app, Piano Maestro, was ranked #1 education app in over 20 countries.

The idea of JoyTunes came to Yuval, JoyTunes Co-Founder & CEO, while visiting his nephew one day. Tom was much more interested in playing his Wii, and showing off the skills he mastered, than playing his piano. Tom’s mother could not rip him away from his game console for 10 minutes to practice his piano, with a huge argument ensuing. This is where the light bulb went off in Yuval’s head. Why not combine the aspects of video games with music? And from there – the idea JoyTunes was born. JoyTunes’ team consists of internationally renowned musicians, rock star gamers, educators and child psychologists. We are passionate about all things music and dedicate our time to creating extraordinary music apps that will motivate practice, engage students in playing and ultimately improve performance.


JoyTunes is honored to have won numerous awards

  • EMI
    EMI innovation challenge 2013 – awarded to the most innovative music related startups from across the music business value chain.
  • NAMM
    NAMM Best Tools for Beginners 2011, 2012, 2014 – award given to the most relevant and innovative products for school use.
  • Parents choice
    Parents’ Choice Award - Parents' Choice recommends the best in children's media
  • United Nations
    United Nations e-content award - The World Summit Award promotes smart content for smart people. It awards e-Content that contributes to a true knowledge society and promotes it at a global congress.
  • SF Musicthech Summit
    SF MusicTech Startup Innovators Challenge


JoyTunes in the news

Yuval Kaminka

Extremely passionate about changing the world. My key expertise is finding super smart people with a similar passion.
Useless facts about Yuval
Superpower: Will eat anything
Cartoon version: Brain, or Pinky
Pizza capacity: 6
Theme song: Anything Norah Jones

Roey Izkovsky

Challenge Accepted.
Useless facts about Roey
Superpower: Indifference
Cartoon version: Null
Pizza capacity: 4
Theme song: Mary's Little Lamb

Yigal Kaminka

Concert oboist and recorder player (principle oboist at the JSO). Performed with Daniel Barenboim, András Schiff, Marta Algerich and others. Wants to change the music education world.
Useless facts about Yigal
Superpower: Can play on any instrument
Cartoon version: Bart Simpson
Pizza capacity: 5 (but always strive for more)
Theme song: Ravel, Piano Concerto in G Major, 2nd Movement

Dan Fishel

Alon Kaplan

Composer, Producer and Sound Designer. Worked on various video games, theater and film projects around the globe. Found his home at JoyTunes. Excited to be part of the music education revolution!
Useless facts about Alon
Superpower: Can play the drums on keyboards
Cartoon version: Denver the last dinosaur
Pizza capacity: 42
Theme song: Bastian's Happy Flight

Yaniv Hefetz

Film Director and Screenwriter, piano teacher, cinema critic and working on a Web-comics platform. A musical programmer and a pedagogical consultant
Useless facts about Yaniv
Superpower: Can turn everything into a pun (They even made a word for it in the office - Yanivism)
Cartoon version: Alfred J. Kwak
Pizza capacity: 12.34
Theme song: Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life

Yoni Tsafir

Passionate about Software Development, Music and everything in between.
Useless facts about Yoni
Superpower: Can compose a catchy tune in 5 minutes
Cartoon version: Billy the Cat (I actually AM Billy the Cat in the Hebrew version)
Pizza capacity: ∞ (but I'm on a diet)
Theme song: Up Is Down (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Matan Eilat

From Computer-Aided Design to Operational Command and Control, from Computational Genetics to Mobile Games - if it's cool to code, I'm in!
Useless facts about Matan
Superpower: King
Cartoon version:
Pizza capacity:
Theme song: Jigsaw falling into place

Itamar Jovani

Dismantle the app into bits in order to find defects, issues and bugs and point them out to the developers.
Useless facts about Itamar
Superpower: Hindsighting!
Cartoon version: Freakazoid
Pizza capacity: 3 or 4
Theme song: Cuban Pete

Lee Shetach

Useless facts about Lee
Cartoon version: Minnie Mouse
Pizza capacity: 5
Theme song:

Oren Yakobi

Web veteran with all around experience in web development, design and product.
Useless facts about Oren
Superpower: See pizza slice capacity
Cartoon version: SpongeBob (SquarePants)
Pizza capacity: Infinite^2
Theme song: The Good the Bad and The Ugly theme (Im the bad)

Nadia Hitman

Channeling savvy PR skills and a marketing background to engage users and ensure the ultimate experience
Useless facts about Nadia
Superpower: Mind reader
Cartoon version: Betty Boop
Pizza capacity: 4
Theme song: A-Team Theme Song

Lital Hassine

Full stack developer. Advocating for programming best practices. Likes to code with people.
Useless facts about Lital
Superpower: Can sleep anywhere
Cartoon version: Buttercup (from the powerpuff girls)
Pizza capacity: e (=2.7)
Theme song: Mario theme song

Aharon Frazer

Apply data and user experience design to increase our user base
Useless facts about Aharon
Superpower: Finding seconhand furniture on the internet
Cartoon version: Calvin
Pizza capacity: 3
Theme song: Mission: Impossible theme

Oded Magger

From Computer-Aided Design to Operational Command and Control, from Computational Genetics to Mobile Games - if it's cool to code, I'm in!
Useless facts about Oded
Superpower: Mentorship
Cartoon version: Speedy Cerviche
Pizza capacity: Just one more...
Theme song: The main theme from ChronoTrigger

Elik Rozenboim

I play with data.
Useless facts about Elik
Superpower: Resisting the temptation of pizza.
Cartoon version: Flint Lockwood
Pizza capacity: 0
Theme song: Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal


Proffesional designer and animator. indie game creator and a design consultant for high quality user experience.
Useless facts about Oded
Superpower: can talk like gollum
Cartoon version: Falkor
Pizza capacity: 4
Theme song: Eddie Veddar - Hard Sun