How to Keep Track of App Assignments: Part One

Unfortunately, just accumulating cool music apps will NOT set your studio apart.

Utilizing apps to their full capacity and tracking how they enhance your students’progress 2 (13)

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From Daniel Barenboim to Music Ed Technology, and Back

“Do you see any young people in the audience? Classical music is relevant daniel_barenboimto everybody, anywhere. But the audience is globally getting older and smaller, while the need for the values of classical music seems to constantly rise…” It was Maestro Daniel Barenboim who first mentioned this to me when I was touring with him and his “West Eastern Divan” orchestra in the summer of 2005.

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Four Subjects I Learned from Computer Games..and One I Didn’t…

There is no doubt, when playing video games, you are completely immersed in your playing-computer-gamesplaying . Parents and educators usually see this as a bad thing, and I can’t blame them. I, for example, spent much of my youth shooting monsters instead of doing my homework. I won’t deny that finishing that one final level often meant more than playing outside and interacting with friends.

However, this immersion also often motivates young gamers to learn more, independently. In this, games hold great power, piquing the students’ curiosity enough, to be intrigued to learn on their own.

Here are 4 (and I could list more) school subjects I aced thanks to being a gamer…and one I didn’t.


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Education and Gamification


Are you hesitant to allow your child more time with electronic gadgets? It seems the IMG_0490latest apps and hottest gaming systems steal valuable time from other important activities like reading, riding bike, catching bugs, telling stories, drawing, practicing piano and more.  As much as this may be true, it is important to recognize that not all apps are designed to be purely addictive entertainment. More and more education-based apps have transformed a tablet into a learning center. The most successful educational apps use game-playing tactics, instant feedback and layer the experience with fun. This combination has been trademarked gamification. Continue reading

Captivating Kids Today: Six Piano Apps to Keep Them Coming Back for More 


It’s no wonder that parents are having a hard time motivating their kids to practice at home. Look what they’re competing with: video games, TV, sports, dance classes, after school activities, social media, and a number of other interesting options. With all of the attention being drawn away from piano practice, it’s time to draw them back in with iPad apps that will have your children begging for more time at the bench. As I manage a studio of 70 students (and growing!), here are my top six go-to apps that I rave about and encourage my students and parents to use at home:

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Is Your Child Ready for Music Lessons?


Although not every person is destined to be a concert musician, everyone can be a musicBoy-with-parent-HD maker, enthusiast and supporter. Giving your child the gift of learning music on any instrument is something to treasure, but finding the answers on how to provide this gift is not always easy. Here are some steps toward unlocking your child’s innate musicality and readiness.

How can I tell when my child is ready?

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How do I choose the right instrument for my child?

Bravo to any parent who asks this. It means you’ve spawned your child’s interest in shutterstock_148486613 (1)
music and it’s time to determine the next step. However, the posed question in the title misses the point. You cannot choose the correct instrument for your future maestro just like you can’t choose your child’s favorite fruit.  Everyone has a unique sense of taste. No one can be told to like the tangy squirt of an orange segment or a chomp out of a crisp red apple just as no one can be required to like playing the piano over the oboe. It ultimately depends on a host of personal experiences and individual variables. Consider the list of parameters below (in no particular order) to help you gauge your child’s interest and match your future musician to the perfect instrument.

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