Learn How to Harmonize Melodies with Piano Maestro

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With the release of chord progressions and exercises in both Major and Minor Scales we spoke to Leila Viss, to learn more about how to harmonize melodies with Piano Maestro. Over to Leila Viss Piano Maestro regularly adds top hits to their enormous Library. Earning three gold stars on these favorite tunes is pure

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Irina Gorin and Her Tales of Success at the Piano


Exploring the library of Piano Maestro, you’ll find a growing collection of method and supplementary books that offer a wide range of styles and approaches to learning how to play the piano. The method books entitled Tales of a Musical Journey by Irina Gorin caught my eye because of the

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Team Up with Piano Maestro to Master Piano Scales


Although young musicians may believe scales to be a fishy way to spend time during a lesson, we as teachers know it’s important to hook them into a scale routine as early as possible. The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program and other esteemed assessment exams around the world include levels of

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