3 Ways to Improve Note Recognition in Simply Piano

Simply Piano uses the latest music recognition software to give you instant feedback. Here are our top tips to give you the best experience possible with our recognition engine. 1. CONNECT HEADPHONES TO YOUR MOBILE DEVICE   If you’re using an acoustic piano or a keyboard without a MIDI connection,

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5 Musicians Who Also Rocked at the Piano or Keyboard

piano keyboard

Awesome Artists Who Were Great Pianists or Keyboardists The history of rock and roll music is covered with larger-than-life personas and some of the most talented artists to ever grace the stage. These legends changed music with their talents and charisma, and set the benchmark for cool throughout history. Even

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How to Read Sheet Music 101

How to read sheet music

Learning to play the piano can be fun, exhilarating, and pretty overwhelming from the start. If you’ve started piano lessons for beginners and feel like you’re reading Chinese, you’re not alone when figuring out how to reach sheet music. This post will focus on the geography of basic sheet music

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Elton John: The Rocket Man of Rock Pianists

Learn Piano

If you’re starting to learn piano online and need a little inspiration, look no further than Elton John, one of the greatest rock pianists of all time. Take a stroll down the alleyways of music history, and see where the Circle of Life sire began. The Early Years Elton John,

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What Instrument Should You Learn To Play?

Instrument to learn

Nowadays, it’s extremely easy to choose what instrument to learn to play online. But before you ever pick up an instrument and learn to play it, the hardest thing you’ll do is pick the right one. Often, we’ll pick up instruments, decide we’re no good on them, and eventually give

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These 7 Great Songs Make Piano Practice Fun Again

piano practice

The hardest part of learning a new instrument is mastering the basic techniques that are required for more advanced pieces. Even though they are essential, practicing fundamentals can stop being fun fast, as repetition can seem pointless and more importantly, boring. But understanding techniques such as staccatos and arpeggios, and

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