The Most Epic Movie Soundtracks

The 5 Best Movie Soundtracks

Music makes everything better. A dull get-together becomes a party with a great song, and a lazy afternoon can become an impromptu karaoke session at home. When it comes to movies, music can make the difference between an okay movie and an unforgettable experience.

The best movie soundtracks find ways to blend memorable moments with the best possible sounds to stay in our minds for long after we’ve left the theater. These five scores combine all the best possible elements of a classic soundtrack, including classic sing-alongs, some of the best movie songs to dance to, and are awesome to listen to even without the moving pictures!


Who can forget Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson’s summer-romance-turned-fairy-tale love? Full of fun and light movie songs to dance to, Grease features a bevy of classic tracks such as “Greased Lightning”, “Summer Nights” and the extremely catchy–and impossible not to sing along to–”You’re The One That I Want”. Grease’s soundtrack has become a legendary musical in its own right.


The Graduate

Pioneering writing a whole soundtrack before it was cool, Simon & Garfunkel deliver a musical experience that not only fits perfectly with its movie but sees the musical duo hit their stride, musically speaking. From the melancholy “Sounds of Silence” to the seemingly innocent “Mrs. Robinson”, few artists could take a fantastic movie about such deep subject matter, and make it infinitely better with a few well-placed songs.


Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino is known for the extra care he places on his musical selections for every movie he produces. In his defining movie, he goes all out with one of the greatest collections of genres assembled for film. Featuring everything from 70s surfer rock to 80s funk to classic anthems,  Pulp Fiction takes viewers on a sonic trip that makes this movie come alive, with the sounds perfectly complementing every scene, adding depth and meaning.


Tron: Legacy

Our only member of the list to come out this decade, Tron: Legacy’s soundtrack, written entirely by electronica giants Daft Punk, seamlessly blends into the movie’s virtual reality theme. Featuring almost no spoken words, Daft Punk’s masterful use of electronica and dance music helps create a sometimes haunting, always vibrant atmosphere that hits all the right notes for action, dramatic moments, and the unforgettable nightclub fight scene set to the several times remixed track “Derezzed”.


O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Before the year 2000, bluegrass was relegated to small folk festivals in tiny towns. “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, thrust bluegrass music back onto the main stage in the US and the world. The movie tells the story of three fugitives looking for buried gold, but the real draw of the film is its masterfully crafted soundtrack. Featuring classic Americana at its finest, including some of the great artists in the field, the soundtrack is an amazing glimpse into a seminal period in American history.


What are your favorite movie soundtracks? What about your top movie soundtrack songs?

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