Top 10 Musical Fails Of All Time

Musical fails are totally underrated. They're much funnier than expected and not only to the musicians who can feel their pain! Here are the top 10 musical fails ever documented sorted into singer fails, orchestra fails, and piano fails!

Singer Fails

The fails that make us laugh the hardest are the singing ones. It's actually somehow harder for tenor singers not to "break" their voice.

A voice break usually happens when moving between different vocal registers. Here's an example of how it sounds like when it happens to a singer:

Here's another example of a voice break. Apparently this guy was living in the jungle and going by the name of Tarzan because that's exactly what this sounds like! This has to be my most favorite musical fail of all time.

Sometimes you can fail without a voice break but with a chair break? Check this one out:

And if you don't think you can fail on your own, there is certainly no power in number because you can surely fail as a choir! Give this one a few seconds (or skip a bit), 'cause it gets funnier as the video continues.

Orchestra Fails

The Portsmouth Sinfonia played the beginning of the known classical piece 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' by Richard Strauss.

Well.. apparently, it's so bad because it was an experiment of the orchestra where every member had to swap instruments with other another member and then attempt to play the piece the best they could. Less funny now when you know it, right?

One of the comments was right when they wrote that they should have fired the tympani player, he was too good!

Then maybe they should take this guy:

In a different kind of orchestra performance, this next piece was taken in Egypt when Putin came to visit. The orchestra played the Russian anthem and let's just say that if you give an orchestra an honorable piece to play with, try not to do one that will insult the Russian president:

The most horrifying fail that can happen to a soloist happened to Maria Joao Pires. She practiced the wrong piece for the concert and discovered it only after the orchestra started playing. Luckily she remembered the piece and played it perfectly. Unbelievable!

Piano Fails

The pianists didn't exactly fail here but you should know that to be a page turner can sometimes be more stressful than being the one who plays the piano:

Guess what? You don't even have to play the piano to fail with it. Just put it on your car and start driving!

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