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Piano Pedals: Fully Explained

What do piano pedals do? Learn all about them in this guide.  For a professional piano player, the feet play a significant role. You may notice at the bottom of your piano that there are two or three pedals, usually made of brass. Each has a different role, each one

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Piano Tuning Essentials & DIY

What is piano tuning? Do you need special tools? We answer this and more in this guide.  Everybody gets cranky now and then – no? So does your piano, about twice a year. It goes out of tune and starts to make distressing sounds.  Tuning is the process of adjusting

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13 Most Famous Piano Players of All Time

Do you know which are the most famous piano players of all time? Find out the answers in this article. What is your reason for playing the piano? Is it about capturing the audience and keeping them in the palm of their hand (pun intended) throughout each performance? Then you

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Piano Keys Charts for Beginners

The piano is a beautiful instrument. Alternating black and white piano keys give the piano a distinct appearance. However, the piano keys serve a greater purpose than mere aesthetics. At first glance, the keys may look like they’re random. However, the placement is strategic and creates a smooth playing experience. Knowing

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Music Theory for Beginners: A Quick Guide

This article will teach you the fundamentals and explain the importance of music theory for beginners.  Music theory is the study of reading, writing, and interpreting music. Like in any language, we use a script to communicate what we hear visually. These shapes and patterns include note heads and stems,

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How to Move a Piano

Wondering how to move a piano? It can be a daunting task, but this guide makes it easy. Pianos weigh hundreds of pounds, but they are also big and bulky. If you have a strong back and good friends, you can try to move it yourself. However, in some cases,

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