Famous Musician Entrepreneurs to Get You Inspired

Musician Entrepreneurs

For musicians, they’re mainly known for their greatest achievement, their music. But what happens when these musicians aren’t making music? They’re busy being entrepreneurs, and successful ones at! Clothes, Production, Books & Alcohol There are a TONS of musicians who have created clothing lines such as Pharrell William with the “Billionaire

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Don’t Stop! Keep the music (learning) going!

Music learning

5 reasons why you should stick with playing your musical instrument Music learning and practicing is many things: fun, exciting, relaxing. But it can also become a hassle if you’re constantly on the go. Between work, social activities, and general stress, our music practice can take a back seat in

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3 Of The Best Classical Mashups You Need To Hear

classical music mashup

Classical music is awesome but the younger generation tends to forget that, and with good reason! I've never seen a huge commercial featuring Beethoven or Bach with their shirts half opened surrounded by runway models. We live in a fast-paced environment where our focus tends to break every second and classical music needs to somehow

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4 Ways Music Builds Brain Power

brain power

We all know that music can calm, soothe, and uplift a person, speaking to the emotion in a language that words cannot translate. What many people aren’t aware of though, is that music has some dramatic effects on your brain functionality as well. In fact, music promotes fine motor and

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