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How to Improve Left Hand Piano Playing

Even the most dedicated student can get in a rut when practicing piano. Improve your left hand piano playing with these must-know tips for beginners. Do you want to scream yet? You can’t seem to get that left hand to do what it should on the piano. It’s as if

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Can Mozart Lower Your Blood Pressure?

The type of music you listen to can directly affect your general mood. But is listening to Mozart really the secret to lowering blood pressure? When lab results indicate high blood pressure, our doctors usually suggest changing our daily habits. They may prescribe subtracting certain foods from our diet and

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How To Choose A Yamaha Keyboard For Beginners

A Yamaha keyboard is ideal for people of all skill levels. Although, beginners may be overwhelmed when searching for the right keyboard. Buying an instrument is a big decision, especially if you’ve never played one before. It’s challenging to know what features you need and how much money to spend.

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What’s the Best 61 Key Keyboard?

Looking for a 61-key keyboard that fits your budget and needs? Here are five of the best options, based on extensive research. Many beginning piano students feel that they need a full-size 88-key piano before they can start practicing. However, it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind

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A Complete Piano History

Piano history isn’t common knowledge, even though it’s the most popular instrument among musicians. Few know of the countless lives lost during the first and second Dulcimer Wars. Yet, even those events pale compared to the Harpsichord Revolution, which forever changed the instrument’s fate. Seriously though, the modern piano we

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Why Playing Piano Is a Brain Booster

Piano playing is a natural and reliable means of sharpening your mind. Learn how this brain booster works in this short article. In many ways, music is just like a drug. Instead of inhaling or ingesting it, our brains absorb the sound waves. These vibrations can take us on an

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