Recorder Master

Winner of the Parent’s Choice Award


JoyTunes Recorder Master

Your child will love and enjoy learning to play the recorder with our new interactive music game.

  • Awesome game controller Play a regular recorder into the microphone and have fun while learning.
  • Over 100 game levels! Suitable for both experienced and first-time recorder players.
  • Motivation is Key Increase your child's motivation to practice and develop key musical skills.
  • Exciting song arrangements and soundtracks developed by leading musicians, music educators and teachers.

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Developed by experienced musical artists and educators, JoyTunes "Recorder Master" has proven to be a highly effective way to teach the recorder, and has been endorsed by leading music educators worldwide.The different game levels are actually music lessons designed to develop a variety of important musical skills, from tone production of a single note to correct rhythm and timing of complete melodies - all in the form of an interactive game.

  • Musical awareness, rhythm and timing
  • Fingering technique and coordination
  • Correct and stable tone production
  • Musical ear training
  • Increased practice motivation
  • Improved concentration