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Anyone can learn piano

The best way to learn piano step-by-step, from scratch

Whether you're a first timer or want to learn piano on your own, Simply Piano will guide you to become the piano player you always wanted to be.
Just place your iPhone or iPad on your piano or keyboard and play, your device will immediately recognize what piano notes you are playing!

Reinventing how to learn music

Learn the piano step-by-step, from scratch. Just place your iPhone on your piano (or use your MIDI keyboard) and play, your iPhone will immediately recognize what you are playing!
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Now available in 11 languages!
Piano songs
New Song Library: Tons of fun songs to play on the piano ranging from top-charting hits to classics
Notes and Sheet music
Learn the piano basics from reading sheet music to playing with both hands
Play Songs
Listens to how you play, giving you instant feedback
Piano lessons for beginners including pop chords, essentials, blues and more
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